Deb® ProLine® Restyle Curve 1 L Foam Soap Dispenser

Item # DEBS196300

  • Dispenses 1 liter orange tip products. Patented proprietary cartridge and pump system. Collapsing cartridge empties completely, which saves you money.
  • Designed to perform in high-traffic, high-usages areas
  • Tamper resistant lock and casing
Black, ea
Manufacturer #91428
  • Education
  • Building Services Contractors
  • Lodging
  • Janitorial and Sanitation
  • Healthcare
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Ideal for restaurants, health and exercise clubs, daycares, schools, hotels and motels, plants, office buildings, hospitals, clinics and camps. ADA compliant

  • Product cartridges are easy, hassle free and quick to load and change out.
  • Sealed cartridge and pump assure purity of product.
  • Dispenser shell of heavy-duty ABS plastic (the kind used in telephones) ensures durability.
  • Key locks prevent vandalism; dual locks provide easy access.
  • Dispensers may be customized with company logos.
  • Fully guaranteed and can work with any of our 23 hand care products.